Sunday, May 25, 2008

BABE Rally: Day 4...To the Finish Line

Motown Diesel Divas and There Will Be Bacon

Today was the last trek from Alabama to New Orleans. The Bacon crew joined us again for another day of fun. Our task for the day was to stop at 6 BP stations and get photos in front of Pump 1.

In the morning I re-attached the muffler and provided an extra safety method of wire to hold the muffler to the rest of the pipe.

The day was hot! Well into the 100s. Of course, old Bleu KNOx doesn't have AC so we used the next best thing, windows and sunroof. By the end of the day, our farmer tans were in full force. With the low riding rear end, the exhaust system would occasionally hit the pavement. Finally, the rubber isolator failed. Again, zip-ties and wire was used to hang the exhaust system in place.

Along the way, we stopped to help the old Cutlass. One of the Volvo teams had stopped as well to aid with the attempt to start the Cutlass. I gave my 2 cents which included a hit on the carb with a hammer to see if the needle valve was stuck. Then I supplied some Brake Cleaner which I had in the car so they could tear apart the carb to clean it out.

Unfortunately, because of the stops, we got to New Orleans at 8pm which was 30 min past the cut off. Therefore, we got no points on this stage. No biggie, we still had a blast!

That night was a fun one with dinner, drinks, a walk around Bourbon street, drinks, a stop at an establishment, and more drinks. And don't forget about the huge plastic beer bottle which held 6 bears. We all rolled in at 5am...WHAT A NIGHT!!! :)