Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BABE Rally: Day 0

There Will Be Bacon's Honda Civic

Born from Jets team who also won. Notice rear tail fin.

This beauty had a tarp as a roof and an old desk as a floor

1958 Plymouth Fury

Subaru Wagon aka

Today was a leisurely day from Lewisburg to Stanten Island. However, TomTom drove us in circles trying to find diesel fuel in New Jersey.

We met a couple teams from Wisconsin along the way. Finally at the hotel, we had dinner at a good pizza joint in Staten Island.

Some of the other teams include:

1) Several old VW Golfs, Jettas, Foxes
2) Plymouth Horizon - OMG hilariously smashed up
3) Saturn
4) Volvo 240 and 740
5) Honda Civic
6) Celebrity wagon
7) Saab 900
8) 50s Plymouth Fury

The evening included helping Felix and his teammate Mike fix their broken rear shock.

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