Friday, May 23, 2008

BABE Rally Day 2, Friday, May 23

Today we dressed up as Superman and were required to visit 3 of 12
cities. In each city we were required to take a picture with the car,
the team, and a stranger in front of a public building which included
the city name.

The first town of Warm Springs, VA (as opppsed to Hot or white
sulphur). An older lady who worked in the insurance agency wanted my
picture. She was very excited by the coincidence that she launched a
perfume in Detroit called Diva!

Our third stop in Norton, VA has a very excited short guy who got off
the phone to get in a picture with Katie. He stood on the rear bumper
to be visible.

Along the way we stopped at McDonalds to use Americas bathroom.
Unknowingly I walked into find a school bus load of teenagers! I got
numerous laughs, cat calls, and pix. The best was when one kid
requested my autograph on a napkin.

On another bathroom stop that day, I was sitting in the car when 2
girls approached the window. One said 'Can u flah?' It took me 30 sec
to realize that she was saying 'fly' in a very southern accent.

We ended the night with some drinks by the cars with team 'There will
be bacon' till 2:30 am. Check out their blog for their hilarious day!

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M said...

VWNut in spandex?? I'd do a couple of cat-calls myself!