Sunday, May 25, 2008

BABE Rally: Day 3

Dinner in Alabama at Santa Fe
Saturday, May 24

Today was a fun day without a Challenge. We were to drive to Fort
Payne, AL Deals Gap a twisty turny mountain road.

The "There Will Be Bacon" Team spent several hours in the morning desperately trying to get their vehicle running on all 4 cylinders. I shuttled them to 4 different auto parts in an attempt to fix the issue. After several hours of helping out, we determined it was most likely a stuck valve which would be almost impossible to fix at this juncture. After the poor Honda was picked up to be donated for charity, the Bacon team joined us as well as Hank in the Subaru Brat.

Along the route to the twisties, we had to drive a steep dirt road. Because of the 4 passenger and luggage load, Blue KNOx was riding low. First my ghetto re-attached muffler fell off which we promptly put in the Subaru Brat. Next the rest of the exhaust fell of the isolators. This was quickly fixed with a few zip-ties.

We ate lunch in Gatlinburg at a great country place. The Country Fried Steak was TASTY! Deals gap was a blast. The huge boat of Mercedes steamed through the curves with its precise steering and sticky snow tires. Along the route home, the car started making some clanking noises from the rear end. At first we thought it was valvetrain clatter, but it was determined later to be the rear CV joint going bad since it had a tear in the boot.

That evening we hit the Santa Fe restaurant for some grub as well as some shots of Teqila. This was the night we learned of GPS cozy knitting co-drivers from Katie.

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Grant said...

ALERT: you guys are awesome. Thanks for saving There Will Be Bacon's bacon on Day 3 and 4!! We miss you guys already.