Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BABE Rally: Day -1

Mike and Felix from TeamPGAGolf.com

Today was the start of our trek to the beginning of the BABE Rally (www.baberally.com) on Stanton Island, NY. Several last minute preperations included balancing the wheels to help eliminate the shake above 70mph, checking the brakes for a clunk noise, and tightening the leaking brake line. We left Birmingham at approximately 3pm after attaching several fun stickers my sister picked up from Moosejaw. We also installed Felix's CB radio and a fancy antenner from Autozone.

Our route included: M-39 to I-75 to I-80.

The oil-burning Diesel clattered all the way to Lewisburg, PA where we have stopped for the night. A few things concern me about the vehicle:

1) the mild thumping noise coming from the right front brakes. I was unable to find anything wrong with them upon inspection this morning. SOLUTION: Turn the radio up.

2) Valvetrain or Injector Pump clatter which recently appeared. SOLUTION: Hope that it is my overly sensative ear picking up a new noise that was always their.

Along the way we were listening to the CB radio. The things these truckers come up with:

1) "Hey Wide Load, what's under the tarp."

2) "You can do it, Covered Wagon."

3) "The big bear caught himself a cat."

4) Exit 42 Naked women

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