Sunday, May 18, 2008

BABE Rally Prep.

Our $250 BABE Rally car is a 1984 Mercedes 300SD Turbodiesel. With 262K miles, several things needed work:

1) Battery
2) Engine and Transmission fluid and filter change
3) Both fuel filters
4) Diesel Purge
5) Rear brake pads
6) Valve adjustment and valve cover replacement
7) Transmission shifting issues fixed with vacuum system R&R
8) Front rotors, pads and bearings
9) Brake line replacement
10) Muffler repair
11) Injector timing
12) Tire balance

This vehicle has a lot of rare features for a 1984:

1) Driver side airbag
2) Front seatbelt pre-tensioners
3) Automatic climate control
4) Heated Seats
5) Plastic rear stabilizer link

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