Thursday, May 22, 2008

BABE Rally-Day 1

Clint from Cleavland's Plymouth Horizon very well accesorized

Our task for the day included a drive from Staten Island, NY to Harrisonburg, VA. We had 15 black and white photoshopped pictures of signs to find and take digital photo of along the route. We caravaned with 4 cool guys from Seattle (Jason, Vic, Grant, Kyle) in an '85 Honda Civic. You can check out their amusing blog at Their taillights went out so we followed them the entire way at the max speed of 65 mph b/c their car was unable to go faster. Due to this slow speed, the Mercedes got a surprising 30mpg! Along the way we took went the wrong way for about 30min (despite TomTom telling us to "turn around"). We back-tracked and made it to the hotel after an 8 hr day. We were able to get 10 0f the 15 pictures correct.

The evening entailed dinner at Bravo Italian restaurant and beer drinking around the cars. The BABE group is an interesting one. Everyone has an obvious like for cars and many are engineers...Who said engineers aren't fun? LOL

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